Wonder Project J2 is a 1996 bishojo life simulation game. It was developed by Givro Corporation and published by Enix for the Nintendo 64. It is the sequel to Wonder Project J, which was released earlier in 1994 for the Super Famicom only in Japan. A Playstation port was planned to include fully animated cutscenes but was cancelled. In 2010, an iOS port was released. It is unique for its style of gameplay and 2D art style for a console made for 3D gaming. The game follows, Josette, a Gijin(robot) girl created by Dr. Geppetto. Before passing away and with so little time left, Dr. Geppetto tells Josette to move from Corlo Island to Blueland Island where she will find someone to assist and teach her to be a normal human. Meanwhile, Messala, the antagonist from the previous game, receives orders to find a girl on Corlo Island who is in possession of the J, an object of great power, able of giving Gijin humanity and to figure out there dreams.

Last Updated: March 1, 2021
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